Chrissy Mazer | Minneapolis St Paul Photographer

"A portrait is not made in the camera but on either side of it."  Edward Steichen  

I was born and raised in Central Arizona so don't be surprised if you catch me wearing a coat in 65 degree weather.  My family moved to the Twin Cities, Minnesota area in May of 2016 and we absolutely love it here!

I began shooting portraits in 2007 and have never looked back. With the birth of my first son in 2010 I began my venture into child and family photography.

As a mom of two little boys I understand that my littlest clients and their families usually require a bit more time and patience and I am always happy to oblige. Calm, comfortable, and relaxed are all synonymous with true emotion shining through in pictures.

Aside from photography I am also an avid bookworm and am usually in the middle of three books at any given time. I homeschool my first grader and when my youngest is ready for Kindergarten he'll join the fun.   I am in the process of my third consecutive Project 365 (a photo a day, everyday, for a year) and  I also moderate the Oh Shoot Photo Group on Facebook open to anyone with a passion for photography.

I Love: Snow, coffee, Supernatural, reading, writing, my family, clean carpets, salty things, live music, makeup, electric blankets, Misha Collins, planning parties, cleaning (yes, I'm that weirdo), and finishing a workout.

I Loathe: Tea, rude people, folding laundry, hot days, socks with holes, lizards, seafood, broken guitar strings, cliffhangers at the season finale, and hangnails.

For a visual representation of my photography journey check out my blog post, Evolution.

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