Hey you guys!  At my highest weight I came in at a depressing 327 pounds.  A terrifying number when you factor in all of the limitations it came with.  Not being able to sit in regular chairs, not being able to fit in a standard bath tub, and worst of all not being able to be the wife and mother that my husband and sons both need and deserve.  

I lost a few pounds here and there and finally started to get serious about my weight loss in September of 2016.  Since then I've said goodbye to the 300's, goodbye to the 200's, and jumped with both feet into Onederland!  I've discovered a love of running and a loathing for the treadmill.  

In July of 2017 my husband began his own journey and has shed over 80 pounds as of this paragraph!   So pull up a seat and follow along as I strive to not only reach my scale goal of approximately 145 pounds but also as I pursue adventures that were never possible due to my weight in the past.

So who am I besides weight loss?  To be honest, I'm still figuring that out.  In 2019 I'll be turning 40 (HOLYCRAP) and I'm determined to live my 40's the way I should have lived my 20's and 30's - unafraid to try new things and actually seeking out new experiences.  If you check out my bucket list (link is up there in the menu) you'll see that I've already started crossing things off.

I've been married to my best friend since 2009.  David and I have two kids - Caleb and Lochlan.  I am a senior portrait photographer based in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota.  I'm obsessed with Supernatural and have quite the impressive merch collection.  In fact, meeting Misha Collins was on my bucket list and I was able to cross it off last August!  Mark Pellegrino and David Haydn-Jones are next.

I started my YouTube channel in May of 2017 as a way of keeping myself accountable throughout this journey.  And by doing this I've found a community that is so much more supportive and tight-knit than I could have imagined.  If you are on the fence about whether or not to jump in with both feet and start your own channel please do!  You'll be amazed at the community there.  And be sure to let me know so I can follow along!