Traveling and Weight Loss

Last month my family and I made our annual road trip from Minnesota to Michigan.  The drive takes about twelve hours when you factor in fueling and restroom stops.  David and I at this point had lost about 78 and 140lbs respectively and had ZERO desire to undo any progress or revisit old habits in the nine days we would be gone.

So the first thing we did?  We made a plan.  There was no doubt for either of us that just hopping in the car would result in bad choices so we packed a cooler with snacks and things that we could have. Things like bananas, hard boiled eggs, string cheese, etc.  We had packed cauliflower as well to munch on but I banned that from the car within the first two hours.  Trust me, don't do it - it had a scent that just hung around.

For the hotel at the halfway point we had turkey wraps and what was left of the above.  The cauliflower went over better here as there was a lot more breathing room (ha!).  We also had some ultra low-cal cookies that David had come up with so that we didn't feel like we were unable to enjoy our vacation.

When we got to my mother-in-law's house where we would be staying for the week we said our hellos, settled in, and then went right out to the grocery store.  Since we would be joining in on the holiday celebration at my brother in law's house it was only right that we bring a dish to share.  And also we didn't want to be a burden on David's mom and stepfather so we stocked their kitchen with things that not only he and I could eat but things that our picky boys would eat as well.

Preparing our own meals on the daily was a big part of keeping on track.  But the biggest part?  The holy grail of us not sabotaging ourselves that week?


Were we faced with food coming from all sides that wasn't in our diet budget?  You bet.  Sweets (damn you reese's cups), holiday favorites like turkey, ham, and mashed potatoes, full flavored soda, you name it.  But we said no.  I walked past the bowl of peanut M&M's more times than I can count but never once did I dip my hand into it.

So did we twiddle our thumbs and seem ungrateful?  Of course not.  We made a decent dent in the veggie tray, we helped prepare the meal, set up tables, etc.  But most of all we enjoyed the company of family and friends.  We laughed along with everyone else and since we were both feeling a LOT more self-confident this year than last we actually had FUN.

And yes, there were several instances where we went out to restaurants with family.  How did we handle that?  We made smart choices.  Yes, the chicken caesar salad I had was probably WAY more calories than the salads I make at home but it was still way under the calorie bomb that my old mushroom swiss burger and fries would have been.

And the end result?  When we got back to Minneapolis we both weighed in the next morning and each of us hit a new weight loss low.  Our goal was to maintain (mainly because we were both out of our routine, had to visit restaurants, etc) and we both actually lost.

Honestly, that's it.  Being strong enough to tell yourself "NO!" in the face of things you know you shouldn't have and being flexible enough to find the healthiest option available in a situation where every choice is a bit questionable.

Stay strong!!

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