Recipe | Spaghetti Burritos

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1              Cup        Spaghetti Squash Drained
1/4           Cup        DiSorrento Classico Spaghetti Sauce
2              OZ          Sliced Mushrooms
2                              OLE Xtreame Wellness Tortillas                
To Taste:                Butter Substitute (I can't believe its not butter spray), salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, oregano

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Pre-cook spaghetti squash (personal preference plays a role here.  Some people bake them, some microwave.  Do whichever you prefer.) then scrape the noodle-y insides out into a container and place them in the refrigerator until cool. 

Sauté sliced mushrooms, seasoning to taste before adding them to your spaghetti sauce.  Let the sauce simmer until fully done and put it in the fridge as well.

Scoop out 1 cup of the cooled spaghetti squash and put in the center of a clean towel.  Squeeze out all of the liquid from the squash.  The better you do here the less watery your burritos will be.  Mix the squash and sauce together, adding any additional desired seasonings.

Lay out two tortillas and place half of the mixture in the center of each of each one.   Roll them up like a burrito, keeping it a tight as possible without ripping the tortilla. 

Place the burritos on a rack in a pan and spray the tops with butter spray and sprinkle with salt, pepper, oregano, garlic and onion powder.

Bake at 350 for 30 min checking at 25 to make sure they do not burn.  For a crispy tortilla shell flip the oven to broil for five additional minutes after baking.

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