Bucket List

One of the most important things to me throughout this journey (and really, throughout life) is to take the time to acknowledge my accomplishments and to set goals for myself.  During my dark periods when my weight was spiraling out of control I had zero drive and even less ambition.  So in an attempt to avoid going back there I've got a running list of goals that I'm working toward attaining.  Some are serious, some are silly, but each one is something that I want crossed off of this list.

"Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments."

- Wear a medium size t-shirt   ----Done October, 2017----

Run a mile     ----Done June, 2017----

- Take Caleb to comicon in costume

- Go zip lining

- Make a full-body image my personal profile picture   ----Done January, 2018----

- Have 1000 subscribers on my YouTube channel

Fit in my bathtub    ----Done February, 2017----

Meet Misha Collins  ----Done August, 2017----

- Buy a dress that I feel great in

- Take a yoga class

- Inspire someone that I've never met

- Go paddle boarding

- Paint my toenails without my stomach getting in the way  ----Done December, 2017----

Take Lochlan on the log ride    ----Done May, 2017----

Run a 10k   ----Done September, 2017----

- Get better at video editing

- Fit into those tiny owl panties that I bought in 2005

- Go skiing

- Direct and photograph a fashion shoot

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