100lbs Lost

There you have it - I've lost 100 pounds from my highest weight of 327lbs.  That seems like an impossible number but at the same time so small in comparison to how far I feel I still need to go.  Rather than dishing about the entire process (which I do anyway on my youtube channel) I figure I'll make a list here of the things that are different now from 300+ pounds:

  • Obviously clothing is getting easier to find.  I don't have to purchase from specialty stores to find anything that doesn't come in a flowered print.
  • When I get out of bed at night to use the bathroom I no longer have the feeling of bruises on the bottom of my feet due to the extreme strain they were under.
  • I lost an entire shoe size (!)
  • The only two rings that I have left that fit have been reassigned to my middle fingers since those fingers are the largest.
  • I can walk the entire length of the zoo with my kids now rather than forcing them to pick one section because I knew I'd never make it the whole way.
  • I can run three miles.
  • I can run.
  • I no longer have to apply makeup to multiple chins.
  • I spend a lot more time taking selfies.
  • I can hold my four-year-old on my lap and read him a story!
  • I can sit on our barstools and have my breakfast without worrying about breaking them.
  • I actually feel accomplished when I sweat now.  Because I have to work hard to make it happen!
  • I borrowed a jacket from on of my (much) smaller friends!
  • I actually had a guy ask for my number in the store yesterday.  Looks like I need to get my wedding ring resized!

As I think of more of these I'll be adding to this list!

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